Santa is always watching and North Pole Notes is the proof! Every child will feel extra special when they get a card from Santa each month, addressed to them.

About North Pole Notes

Join North Pole Notes and let Santa start reminding children how to stay on the nice list all year with his monthly letters and count down to Christmas! Santa will rhyme his way into your home with helpful fun poems about health, safety, cleanliness, school, and more! Make it even more real with a personalized note about accomplishments, birthdays, behavior, or a funny inside joke. After all, Santa can hear twelve months a year. So help kids stay on the nice list ALL year with personalized letters from North Pole Notes.

Remember: Santa is Always Watching & There's Only

To Get Your Child On The Nice List This Year!

How North Pole Notes Works

Choose Your Subscription

Whether you’re looking for a watchful eye all year, or just a little reminder from time to time, North Pole Notes provides the perfect subscription plan for your family! We offer everything from a 1-month subscription for a quick “Hello” from Santa, to a full 12-month “Santa is my pen pal” option!

Choose Your Card

Are there specific tasks or manners that you’d like Santa to remind your little one about? Your letter from Santa is completely customizable, so if your sweet son needs help remembering to brush his teeth, or your darling daughter can’t always remember to say “please” and “thank you”, Santa can remind them! North Pole Notes brings Santa to life and lets kids hear your words, but with a new set of Santa is watching ears!

Check Your Mailbox

Sit back, smile, and wait for the magic to arrive! Depending on your subscription choice, children will receive a letter in the mail addressed to them, one, three, six or twelve times a year!

Unwrap the Magic of Santa

Make your letter from Santa a family affair! Gather your family after dinner or before bedtime and share in the magic of Santa’s words! Start each morning by reminding your child of Santa’s suggestions for a happy, healthy and fun-filled year!

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